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Zoom Out [Product Name]TXS Single Jersey Circular Knitting Mc
[Product Attribute]
MODEL: TXS-3F   Cylinder diameter 15"--44"  Needle Pitch: 16-32G Yarn feeder: 44F-132F
MODEL: TXS-4F   Cylinder diameter 15"--44"  Needle Pitch: 16-32G Yarn feeder: 60F-176F
MODEL: TXS-FL   Cylinder diameter 30"--40"  Needle Pitch: 16-32G Yarn feeder: 90F-120F
[Products Introduce]
From the year 2014, TAITEXMA will start to supply eco-
friendly and energy-efficient Single Jersey and Double Jersey models with 30%
power comsumption saved by improving the technology of driving system at the
same cost.


TXS features in close tracks and broad needle butt design on the cams of knit, tuck and miss. A cam adjustment work on a double slant surface principle allows the cam adjustment and locking quickly and accurately.
A central stitch adjustment system is designed for operator makes quick adjustment and produces the fabric in different density(loop length). We also creat a special cam system for feeding the LYCRA. Operator can easily knit different kinds of high quality Single Jersey fabric with LYCRA on the machine.
To save time and reduce the trouble loading the parts, we have successfully designed a new system for replacement cylinder in a simple way.


Yarn material: Pure cotton,synthetic,yarn synthetic silk, Blended fabrics,Legitimate silk.
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Zoom Out [Product Name]TH7065 professional High Speed Wool Winder
[Product Attribute]
(derived from KA7065)
Big yarn ball creator, rewinds min 200g/ball
Design origin: Taiwan
[Products Introduce]
Same functions as TH700. It has a larger yarn ball of minimum 200g, twin yarn
guides result in perfect rotating balance. The extended metal bar stablize
the threading tension into the yarn guide. Speed up the rewinding without worry about the
situation in reversed rewiding or that the ball jumps out of the bobbin.
Zoom Out [Product Name]TH160/TR160 Home Knitting Machine
[Product Attribute]
1.Model: TH-160 main body; TR-160 Ribbing Attachment
2.Gauge: 6mm(4G)
3.Number of needles: 164 pcs
3.Type: Plain Knitting Model
[Products Introduce]
Easy operation and fast knititng speed makes user finish the panel shiftly. Suitable for home-based basic knitter.
Zoom Out [Product Name]TX-686 Microcomputerized Flat Knitting Machine
[Product Attribute]
1 TX-686SE/JE Single Cam system;
2.TX-688SE/JE Tandem 1+1
3.TX-686S3C Three cams system/
4.SE: High/Low butt slection by needles alignment
5.JE: plus Jack needle slection by needles alignment
7.Knitting width:40"-80"
[Products Introduce]
All function controlled by Micro-Computerized controller. Adopts more intuitive advanced LCD STN interface keypad input instead of old-fashioned LED digital display
In replacement of Inverter control, 3rd-gen model introduced servo-controlled
Zoom Out [Product Name]TXD Double Jersey Circular Knitting Mc
[Product Attribute]
[Products Introduce]
From the year 2014, TAITEXMA will start to supply eco-
friendly and energy-efficient Single Jersey and Double Jersey models with 30%
power comsumption saved by improving the technology of driving system at the
same cost.

Application : For the purpose of reducing noise and wear,increasing speed,all our TXD series double knitting machine mode TXD-60,TXD-64,TXD-72,TXD-84,both of dial and cylinder gear drive system are immersed in lubrication.
There is level adustment to keep the accurate position between cylinder and dial,and help operator easily control the fabric quality.
A new design makes the installation of cylinder and aial become simple.No complicated loading or unloading parts is needled.
A cam adjustment works on a double slant surface principle allows the cam adustment and locking quickly and accurately.
The oiler system,inverter and motor are stored inside machine in any position around it freely and safely.
A control panel with screen is used to show the status of operation and instruct the root of trouble,help the operator find the problem quickly and efficiently.
The machine surface is electroplated and baking painted which enhance its beauty and durability.


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Zoom Out [Product Name]TX7 Fully Computerized Flat Knitting Machine
[Product Attribute]
1.Knitting size: 52", 56", 60", 80"
2.Gauge: 5G, 7G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 16G
3.Segment needle bed;
moveable sinker system;
subroller take-down system
Take-down roller by Servo-controlled
Dynamanic Stitch control(DDC)
Hengqiang system
[Products Introduce]
TX-701SE: Single System
TX-701S: Single System with setup comb
TX-702SE: Double System
TX-702S: Double System with setup comb
TX-702U: 36" Double System for Shoe Upper
TX-703SE: Triple system
TX-703S: Triple system with setup comb
TX-711D: Tandem 1+1 System

Zoom Out [Product Name]BM80/85 Automatic Brushing Mc
[Product Attribute]
BM80: Mane hair, iron case
BM85: Pig hair, stainless case together with inside isolation wood stuff and work lamp.
[Products Introduce]
TAITEXMA BM series automatic brushing machine has a dust-cleaning table and a high-speed-operated brush roller to clean various residues on knit garment. It is designed sophisticatedly to makes it practical and convenient in operation in order to replace the out-of-fashioned manual way by sticky tape sticking to thread residue. Eventually, it takes less manual labour and boosts production. Such advantages secure the garment quality which rewards with praises accordingly.
Zoom Out [Product Name]Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine
[Product Attribute]
1.Type:MN TYPE; MR TYPE; KR TYPE; MK TYPE; HR TYPE; HK TYPE; MN-SP V-model functional TYPE; HR-SP V-model functional TYPE HK-SP V-model functional TYPE 
2.Size: 36"~80"
3.Gauge: 1.5G~18G
[Products Introduce]
The needle bed was treated by chorium plating with longer durability. Module production in most parts make aprecise machine. Stable and reliable quality and ecnomic model for factory-based knitter.

Zoom Out [Product Name]TXP Changeable Diameter Knitting Machine
[Product Attribute]

*Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine can be transformed into Fleece Machine if only with an extra Cams for Fleece:
[Products Introduce]
TXP is our patent product. All specification conforms with European standard (precision, durability, high-speed, low-temperature).
eg. 34"*102F single jersey knitting machine can be transformed quickly into 30"*90F single jersey knitting machine, if only buying an extra 30"cylinder. This feature makes the use of knitting machine increase further, along with the reasonable reduction of the purchasing cost and investor returns the cost fast.

Zoom Out [Product Name]GTR Inspection Lamp
[Product Attribute]
GTR-1 Knife type Inspection Lamp
GTR-2 Twin Sleeve type Inspection Lamp
GTR-3 Body-Sleeve type Inspection Lamp
GTR-4 Garment Inspection Desk
[Products Introduce]
All types of inspection devices supplied by Taitexma.
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